Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics


Batman and Superman have shared some moments over the years, but none are as disturbing as the time they were both moved to tears over watching a group of alien space slugs have sex. The World’s Finest Comics are perhaps best known for having had a slew of WTF covers, like the one where Robin beckons Batman and Superman to join him in skinny dipping with a bunch of young boys.

As hard as something like that may be to top, issue #289 does the seemingly impossible when Supes invites Batman over to the Fortress of Solitude to discuss their feelings. After a while of silently staring into one another’s eyes, a meteor spacecraft crashes nearby.

Why? Because at that very moment, the Fortress of Solitude has become the most emotionally honest place in the entire universe. We learn all this because a bunch of alien tentacled worm-like creatures come tumbling out of the craft and tell us so, then follow it up with a nightmarish orgy that will undoubtedly haunt you forever.

Obviously, there’s a lot to cover here. These ghastly things were sent by an alien race known as the Kyrll to drain all the planet’s emotion in order to survive, Batman uses a telepathic device to communicate with them, finds out that there is another meteor on the way, Superman wants to destroy it, Batman convinces him that he can’t, Superman totally gets that and instead brings it to the FoS.

The second ship opens, more slug-aliens get out, and upon seeing their brethren from the first ship, they immediately start groping, undulating, and physically linking with one another while Batman and Superman stand back and watch.

Once they’re done, one of the slugs confides in Batman as he grows a hairy “appendage” for no apparent reason. Apparently, in the midst of their copious tentacle lovemaking, the slugs have decided rather than destroy Earth, they are going to let themselves die instead. Oddly, both Batman and Superman object to this.

But alas, it’s too late, as the aliens shrivel up and die, though not before thanking Superman for letting them get it on in his fortress. So swelled up with emotion over the whole scene are the two superheroes that they start crying and hug over the ashes of the dead alien race.