Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics


First off, this one comes from the mind of Kevin Smith, so do with that what you will. The fact he was given license to pen a Batman comic at all is a WTF moment in its own right. Secondly, his Batman: The Widening Gyre basically takes one huge dump on all that is good and holy about the Dark Knight. So it’s of little surprise he found a way to ruin a classic moment from Bat’s iconic origin story in the most humiliating of ways.

In Batman: Year One the young superhero crashes a dinner of Gotham’s corrupt elite like a boss and cooly informs them that their criminal days are up. In Kevin’s hands, the scene gets embarrassingly Smithified, as Batman admits to his protégé years later that he was actually terrified in that moment.

So much so, that he wet himself. Apparently the shock of the heat from the explosives he set to make his awesome entrance and the nervousness he felt being in the presence of gangsters was too much for the budding Caped Crusader to handle. So while Batman appeared to be owning the room with some badass threats, he was actually peeing all over the Batsuit. Thanks a lot Kevin Smith. Even Bat-Baby didn’t wet himself.