Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics


The Bat-Family is spectacularly incestuous. Luckily they’re not really a family. Somehow though, that doesn’t make Batman getting Barbara Gordon pregnant any less horrible. Especially given that she was in a relationship with Dick Grayson at the time. Not cool, Bats.

If you ever needed proof that the Dark Knight can be a huge jerk, this is it. Sure a comic based off the futuristic animated TV series Batman Beyond isn’t exactly canon, but Batman should know better than to get it on with girls nearly half his age that look up to him as a father figure.

That’s just math. What’s worse, when Batgirl tells Bruce Wayne about the pregnancy, he promises he’ll stay out of it and let Barbara break the bad news to Dick herself. He then immediately breaks that promise by going and telling Dick everything. Oh yeah, and while he’s waxing poetic about just how big a super scumbag he is, Barbara suffers a miscarriage. Really, really not cool Batman.