Underwatch: The Hottest Overwatch Cosplayers

In Katsucon show of 2017 amongst all the other cool stuff on display was a collection of Overwatch cosplayers wearing, well, not very much at all.

They were part of a group effort known as Underwatch, which was the brainchild of cosplay superstar Stella Chuu. Inspired by voyeur-style boudoir photography, and a love for Overwatch cosplay itself, Underwatch got its start when Chuu was streaming games on Twitch one day and started doodling images of Overwatch characters wearing fancy underpants.

She’d soon made designs for every hero in the game, and after showing her friends in the cosplay scene a group of them decided to get to work and bring the designs to life, with the goal of meeting up at Katsucon in 2017.

Cosplay by Vanity Fox | Photo by Anna Fischer