Batman: Arkham City only $39.99 on Amazon

Batman: Arkham City game

The holidays are quickly approaching, so a time of awesome deals is upon us. Amazon, for one, has slashed the price of Batman: Arkham City on both consoles to $39.99. This is one of the most critically acclaimed releases of Fall 2011, and since that’s when all the most anticipated games launch, this makes it one of the hottest gamest of the year. Batman: Arkham City  holds a score of 94% (Xbox 360), 96%(PS3) and 91 (PC). Unfortunately, the PC version is slightly more expensive, at $49.99. It has been labelled the best superhero game ever made by The Official PlayStation Magazine and the best licensed game ever made by Game Informer. This is definitely a great deal to take advantage of, so if you’re interested, proceed to Amazon

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