BioWare SN reacts to harassment of staff over Mass Effect 3 DLC

Mass Effect 3

It seems like the backlash over the From Ashes DLC for Mass Effect 3, with personal attacks and even death threats against developers, has gotten to a point where BioWare had to do something, even if it’s just updating the ToS on the BioWare Social Network to ban users who harass BioWare staff. Not only does it look like Mass Effect 3 will have a great launch, but some controversial DLC as well. Today’s ToS update (below) shows just how far out of hand it’s getting.

Important update to site rules & code of conduct :

Effective immediately there is a zero tolerance policy on any form of abuse towards staff, moderators or other Community members.

Anyone posting a personal attack on staff, moderators or other Community members will, at the sole discretion of staff or moderators, be banned from the BioWare Social Network without notice and is no longer welcomed.

While we continue to value all of our customers and fans, participation in the BSN and engaging with staff and like-minded community members is – to be abundantly clear – a privilege, and not a right. Members may continue to discuss and critique our games and products in a civil manner, but any form of discussion targeted at an individual will not be tolerated. New and existing members who cannot adhere to the code of conduct, or maintain a civil demeanor at all times, are encouraged instead to contact customer support for any game related issues they may have.

We have made important changes to the Site Rules and Code of Conduct, and recommend that all our users review them by clicking on the link at the top of this notice. By continuing to use this site you are accepting the Site Rules and agree to follow these rules.