Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Hardcover guide 33% off

Borderlands 2 guide 33% off

Just because practically everything has been done before, doesn’t mean you can’t be original. 2K Games showed that in 2009 by combining the character development structure of Diablo with the fast-paced action of an FPS to give us Borderlands, dubbed a Role Playing Shooter by Gearbox. Even though it was a real breath of fresh air, hindsight always brings great ideas to the table.

The sequel to the 2009 Game of The Year will expand on its predecessor’s gameplay, including limb shot effects and much more intelligent AI, with baddies healing each other and exhibiting a great degree of teamwork in Borderlands 2

The game will no doubt be more difficult the first one, so a Bradygames guide should come in handy, especially when it’s a hardcover limited edition with a third of the price slashed off. Check it out here

Here is what you get with the Bradygames Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Harcover Guide

· Custom Hardcover with exclusive art created explicitly for this book by Borderland’s artist Scott Kester.

· Claptrap Paper Model: The first to appear in a Limited Edition.

· A 32-page collaborative Travel Guide using concept along with final art leads you through the world of Pandora.

The Borderlands 2 strategy guide includes the ins and outs of gameplay through Pandora. Chapters feature custom-written commentary from the various characters in the game. Plus, situation-specific developer tips throughout the guide. Complete coverage of each character’s personality, history, unique abilities, and their skill trees. Features a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire game. Sir Hammerlock personally guides you through the behaviors and combat tactics for more than 240 beasts. Maps with callouts of the main quest, collectibles, Points of Interest, and locations of side quests. Ultimate coverage of weapons, including a breakdown of firearm mechanics and the weapon generation system. Stats for the mob and mob family. Also covered are challenges, achievements/trophies, and how to customize your character! Plus, game secrets revealed!