Borderlands 2 – Professional Cosplayer does Lilith

Introducing  Yasemin Arslan from Australia, the official Lilith cosplayer handpicked by Gearbox (below). She is well known as an artist, model and cosplay Pro on DeviantArt under name Vera-Chimera.


Sexy Lilith Borderlands 2

Sexy Lilith - YASEMIN ARSLAN - Borderlands 2

YASEMIN ARSLAN - Sexy Lilith - Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 - YASEMIN ARSLAN - Sexy Lilith

More about Yasemin Arslan:

Certified MUA, freelance cosplayer, deferred fashion student, current tea connoisseur


She loves:
Tea, Evangelion, spikey things, food

What takes up her time:
Cosplay, modelling, drinking tea, singing, drawing, fangirling over Adam Jensen

Favorite games:
Gears of War, Halo, Tekken, DDR, Beyond Good and Evil, Borderlands, Mass Effect

Other Interests:
Tea, Photography, World history, Documentaries, Art, Design, Film, Architecture, Visual-kei, Make up, Tattoos, Poetry, Singing, Philosophy, Haute couture, Decay