David Jaffe about immersion

David Jaffe on immersion

David Jaffe about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Twitter

David Jaffe has gotten into a conversation about Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Twitter, no doubt working on Twisted Metal in another window. The subject of immersion came up and the vocal Twisted Metal and God of War developer had this the following to say about it.

“one should not have to consciously engage with immersion. In fact, I imagine the very concept of doing so is oxymoronic.”

“…but perhaps you miss my point: I LOVE immersion which is why I am loving Skyrim and why I rank the first Deus Ex as one of my top 3 gaming experiences ever. But when I go into town and feel the gamer take over (‘ok, now I need to make sure to speak with every person so I don’t miss something that will help me advance’) I stop feeling immersed/stop living in the game’s world and instead begin a chore like process that pulls me out of the immersion.”

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