DOA 5 Preview – The franchise’s first title in over 6 years.

DOA 5 Preview

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo featured a lot of immersive, innovative and anticipated games. Among them was the first installment in 6 years of the franchise that revolutionized fanservice, Dead or Alive. DOA5 has the ever-present awesome graphics and enough new features to be worth a pre-order.

The last Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 4 released in 2006, was notable for very colorful graphics and fluid character animations. This year’s sequel doesn’t fail to deliver there and keeps the engine up with the times. This is why a game being “porn” or “fanservice” doesn’t have to be a negative. Visuals are something that helps any game be more immersive, even if it was done with breasts in mind.

DOA 5 screenshots

Speaking of visuals, Tecmo’s representatives at E3 referred to the new direction that DOA 5 is taking as “fighting entertainment”, with certain stages taking on comical and otherwise unusual overtones. This should make the game every bit as fun to watch as it is to play. That’s a very important factor in a fighting game because they are a staples at nerd parties and tournaments, where there are bound to be people watching. Attention to detail seems to exceeding all expectations, with characters’ clothes getting dirty and fingers covered with sweat as the fight progresses.

Danger zones are back and they are crazier than ever, with fighters being tossed into cannons and bouncing off walls. This aspect of Dead or Alive is what always made it crazy in a good way and this time around it’s crazier than ever. There are also a couple of new moves. One is the Power Blow – a flashy move that deals very heavy damage. Just the thing to use in tandem with the Critical Burst, which can leave your opponent vulnerable at any time, as long as your charge timer is full. As far as tag team moves go, the type of moves performed are influenced by the characters’ relationship in the game’s storyline.

DOA 5 Screenshots

Speaking of the characters, Tecmo is promising each playthrough to differ depending on the character you pick. They have also been nice enough to announce that even though no DLC plans have been set in stone just yet, each and every one of the 20+ DLC fighters will be free. That’s the kind of DLC handling that a certain other fighting game developer could take note of.

Dead or Alive 5 looks like it’s going to be one of the most pure fun fighting games ever made. It should keep the stress usually endured from fighting games to a minimum, while still remaining a thrill ride. Failing any delays on Tecmo’s part, DOA 5 should release for the PlayStation 3 and X-box 360 on September 25.

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