FPS franchises compared to movies

Modern Warfare =  anything with Chuck Norris

Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty, especially its Modern Warfare sub-franchise, has received a lot of lampooning for making the player able to run at an Olympic athlete level while carrying 2 heavy assault rifles (remember when we used to be able to do that with 10 guns?) and heal off all wounds by hiding for 5 seconds. If there is anyone that can actually do these things, it’s the Oklahoma-born Texas Ranger.  This lack of realism is why we love Modern Warfare and why Chuck Norris will be a legend on the Internet for a while, no matter how old the meme is.

Operation Flashpoint/ARMA = Black Hawk Down

Even though unrealistic yet fun twitch shooters like Modern Warfare are the ones raking in the gamer dollars, there are a few games out there that are designed to be warfare simulators. In games like Armed Assault and the Operation Flashpoint series there is a much higher emphasis on tactics, clever utilization of cover and most importantly, staying alert. Nothing helps you stay alert like an uneventful jog interrupted by a bullet to the head from 200m away. This realistic depiction of warfare is as much of a contrast from games like Modern Warfare as Black Hawk Down is from the cheesy action movies of the 1980s, despite Eric Bana being badass.

Battlefield = Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now game

The chopper attack on a Vietnamese village in the early parts of Apocalypse Now is one of the most iconic war movie scenes in the history of cinema. Moments like these are also where the most fun in the Battlefield series comes from – getting your hands on some heavy firepower and stirring up some chaos. Players do get team killed for a spot on the bomber for a reason.

Crysis = Avatar

One word: eye candy. The are no doubt some fans who would say there is more to the  Crysis franchise and James Cameron’s Avatar than mindblowing visuals. Even if that’s true, the presentation is what both are known for. After all, James Cameron himself said he loves Crysis 2 and there is also an Avatar mod for Crysis with a very decent following.

Half Life = Alien

Half Life will forever be remembered in our hearts for revolutionizing multiplayer with Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. It did, however, manage to do one important thing that the Halos and Modern Warfares of today treat as an afterthought. It offered an amazing single player experience with plenty of survival horror elements and those headcrabs that are  every bit as creepy as the facehuggers and chestbursters, if not more so. Understandable, because single player was much more relevant during Half-Life’s time.