Game shoplifter busted in Arizona despite tin foil’s involvement.

game shoplifter caught in Arizona

Tin foil may stop Chinese satellites from mind controlling you into liking all the Justin Beiber videos on YouTube, but it’s not nearly as effective for larceny, as 23-year-old Tabatha Edington of Prescott, Arizona learned the hard way.

According to Prescott’s PD, the woman (pictured right) tried to make off with 9 new PlayStation 3 games by wrapping them in tin foil to fool the scanners at the front door. Thankfully it was hard for the store managers not to notice a person wrapping the games in tin foil and casually putting them into a shopping cart. After a brief chat with the police, where the woman is said to have been uncooperative, yelling profanities and reaching into her purse for a 6-inch kitchen knife, Tabatha is now in the slammer with a burglary charge, which was upgraded from shoplifting since she had no means to pay for the games.

The 9 games had a combined value of $594.