Hitman Absolution Hardcover Pro Edition Guide now 40% off

It’s been 6 long years since Agent 47’s last mass-murdering rampage in Blood Money. This holiday season, those who have been naughty will get more than just coal. They’ll get bullets to the head, piano wires to the throat and more nastiness as 47 returns in Hitman: Absolution for PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, Windows and OnLive on November 20th.

Hitman games have always required a great deal of strategy and planning, but when the hardcover Professional Edition of the Prima guide is 40% off, it becomes a collectible that no fan of the franchise should pass up. Check it out here.


• BONUS collectible content – A premium hard cover guide featuring bonus collectible content.
• Engage or go undetected – Direct offensive and stealth based strategies provide multiple paths and options to fit your play style.
• Get the drop on enemies – Use the ‘Instinct’ ability or follow detailed maps to complete your objectives.
• Hardcore – Coverage of ‘Hardcore’ difficulty gives you the best chance at more achievements/trophies and accolades.
• Max gamer score – Learn where and how to unlock all achievements/trophies.
• Retrospective – An exploration into the history of the Hitman series.