47′s greatest hits – Top 5 levels in the Hitman series


Ever since Hitman: Codename 47, the Hitman series has been a very unique franchise, pretty much creating a whole new genre for itself.

The official prequel to

We’ve heard a lot about the new features of Hitman: Absolution, including the detective mode and the option to turn off the HUDs, but how it all comes together remains to be seen until the game is actually out.

Don’t forget to check out Hitman: Damnation by Raymond Benson (who has a few James Bond novels under his belt) , which sets the tone for the latest installment by covering the events between Blood Money and Absolution. Enemy Witihin by William C. Dietz, linking Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money, is also a great read.

With Absolution’s release date quickly approaching, let’s take a look at some of 47′s greatest hits from the previous games. Beware of spoilers.


Meat King’s Party (Contracts)
A BDSM party…at a meat packing plant. The atmosphere is simply perfect, with tons of dark, twisted and gruesome imagery, from the gimps to the target’s psychotic serial killer brother who sings to himself in front of ┬áthe chopped up and mutilated corpse of the girl 47 was supposed to rescue, all complimented by the dim lighting and blood trails. Sending Malcolm “Jabba The Hutt” Sturrock to meet his maker is deeply satisfying after all of this.

St Petersburg Stakeout (Silent Assassin)
This mission has one of the most intense and iconic moments in the whole franchise – the assassination of an unidentified Russian general at a meeting . Not knowing which one to shoot and having to guess from the description 47 gets from his handler as he’s looking on through a sniper scope is an awesome touch and feels very Cold War-like. The time limit adds a good deal of tension, even if it is pretty much cosmetic. This is what being a professional assassin should feel like.

New Life (Blood Money)
It’s just amazing how many options IO were able to give the players with such a small map, from using the tree house to take the target out from afar to disguising yourself as the caterer and sneaking in a remote controlled mine. Plenty of little details to take advantage of, including the FBI agent getting personal with the target’s daughter’s undies and the wife’s promiscuity. The suburban setting is nice breath of fresh air.

Traditions of the Trade (C:47, Contracts)
New Life shows that less is sometimes more, but sometimes bigger is better and ToTT is testament to the latter. A huge hotel to explore with ┬áplenty of things screwed up, like the shotgun in the flower box, the murder scene and of course the ghost you can kill like it was an actual human being. Plus, the variety of way to accomplish the goal – locking one of the targets up in the steam room and shooting the other in the shower while disguised as a bellboy is the definition of class, much like 47 himself.

Beldingford Manor (Contracts)
Another really twisted concept for a Hitman mission – a deranged English lord kidnaps an Oxford track champion to use him as a target in his favorite hobby – hunting humans for sport and it’s up to 47 to make things right. Suffocating Lord Beldingford with a pillow is deeply satisfying, there are plenty of hidden passageways to explore. Jesper Kyd’s awesome soundtrack for this particular level helps the atmosphere tremendously.

Honorable Mention: Requiem (Blood Money)
Requiem isn’t really a mission, but it’s still a pretty epic and climatic finale. Getting up and shooting everyone at your own funeral as the credits roll may not be very Hitman-like, but it’s hard to walk away without feeling satisfied with the ending and Hitman: Blood Money in general.

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