Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep trailer PSP

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for PSP trailer | High Quality

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepIn the game Kingdom Hearts 2 it shows only the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for PSP teaser trailer (or someone call that KH2 secret ending), however, it shows the rest of the teaser trailer in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. 

So I finally able to download high quality of both parts of the trailer and put them together to become a full trailer. Unfortunately I can’t find the english version of the second part of the trailer so I needed to put translation on it. Well apparently it’s not that high definition after i uploaded it but it still good enough. Enjoy PS.

For those people who have messaged me I apologize that I haven’t check my YouTube e-mail for almost 2 years. To reply all those messages, no I still don’t have a chance to play this game, I just happen to come across the trailers and I had an interest in it. I couldn’t remember where I downloaded the HD clips and can’t remember where I placed the files since I switch to my new laptop. Therefore I have no info about this game. Thx for the messages for the correction of the trailer title, when the trailer was first out no one knows what was it for, and I just left it here and didn’t even look at it again.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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