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Frequently asked Max Payne 3 question from Rockstar/Gamestop Q&A

Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games is known to care about their fans and not just their pockets, so they held a Q&A session for Max Payne 3 with the GameStop community through Facebook. Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Max Payne 3Max Payne 3 .

“Multiplayer?” – Jon DeFilippo

“R*….will Max Payne 3 have multiplayer or co-op? Or both?” – Andrew Davidson

“Will it feature co-op???” – Wamiq ‘Archer’

“Online co-op?” – Marcos Apodaca

“What kind of modes and styles can we the fans expect out of multiplayer?” – Bobby Rodriguez

We are very excited to unveil Max Payne 3’s Multiplayer – a first for the Max Payne series. Max Payne 3’s Multiplayer modes take the fluid combat, signature kinetic movement, cutting-edge third-person shooter technology and hard-boiled storytelling of the Max Payne franchise and bring it all online for a diverse and explosive new online experience. We’ll be releasing some special videos revealing Multiplayer in action very soon, in the meantime we recommend you keep a close eye at for the latest related news, previews and screenshot releases.


As for questions about co-op, there aren’t any missions involving co-op play but you can expect several team-based multiplayer modes where you and your squad will have to work co-operatively against another team. In “Gang Wars”, which is a huge part of the multiplayer experience, gangs and police forces battle it out while attempting to complete a deadly series of objectives, the results of each match determining what treacherous challenge they will face off to complete next. And in “Payne Killer”, one team plays as Max and fellow bodyguard Passos trying to stay alive against a larger team of armed mercenaries relentlessly trying to take them down. We’re going to have much, much more on these modes and other features to be revealed in the weeks ahead.



“What kind of character development will there be in the multiplayer part of Max Payne 3?” – Nicolai Joachim Tronier Rønsdal


Max Payne 3 Multiplayer will offer proper ways for you to level up and customize your character – including being able to increase the power of the weaponry in your loadouts and gaining and performing abilities “Bursts” like Bullet Time® and more. All of these special power-ups play on the aspects of Max Payne 3’s overall themes of heroism, betrayal, conspiracy and paranoia…

There will also be a massive array of physical customization available to tailor your avatar as you choose from a vast selection of overall characters, along with gear and more.




“How will bullet time work online?” – Barry Partridge

“Will it still have bullet time?” – Samuel Ramsey

“I loved the slow-mo in the previous game. Will it be in part 3? *always a Max Payne fan*” – Marvin Williams


The gameplay mechanic of Bullet Time® has always been at the core of the Max Payne experience, and it’s something that’s back in full effect and properly enhanced for Max Payne 3. Definitely check out the first video in our Design and Technology series which shows Bullet Time in action starting at the 3-minute mark:

Bullet Time will also be a big part of the multiplayer experience as mentioned above, as a special Burst ability that players can gain and use to their advantage online. In multiplayer, Bullet Time works via line of sight rather than applying to the whole level, or to a bubble around the player. It has great tactical advantages in multiplayer, allowing you to get the drop on another player, catching them in slow motion while you maintain your rate of fire. If an enemy catches you in Bullet Time, breaking line of sight will allow you to escape.

“When can we expect to hear more about PC system requirements?” – Andrew Dewey


We won’t be announcing PC system specifications until a bit closer to release when the game is locked down since we of course want to make sure we’re providing reliable and final info – make sure you’re following us here on Facebook ( to get the first word. In the meantime, we recently revealed the very first screenshots from the PC version which you can check out here:




“How similar will the gameplay style be to Max Payne 1 and 2? Not controls. Progression, story wise.” – Richard Cantu

“Will the story mode be dark, depressing, kind of grim as in the first two?” – Bobby Rodriguez


Rest assured that the story, gameplay and overall vibe of Max Payne 3 will be very true to the spirit of the Max Payne franchise – Max Payne, in over his head in a dark, hard-boiled detective noir story filled with over-the-top moments of extremely stylish, action-packed gunplay, and using the same kind of flashbacks and narrative structures as the original games.




“Will there be free-roam moments in an open environment, or is it more action and set pieces?” – James Matthew Evans

“Question… is Max Payne 3 Going to be Open World?… I know most of your games are… but Max Payne hasn’t really been like the others concerning the open world aspect… will this be path driven like the other two seemed to be… or will Sã 

o Paulo be open to full exploration?” – Michael Gatewood

“Hey guys is there going to be free roam in this game?” – Victor Vargas

“Are there going to be different ways to approach each level? Like being able to go in guns blazing Rambo style or to take a slightly sneaky approach.” – Shane Malouf

“Online Free Roam?” – Aman Wiki-sick Jasani


As you know, Max Payne has never been an open-world game, it’s a more linear story-driven, highly cinematic, action shooter experience. Expect Max Payne 3 to continue this tradition but of course with lots of new bells and whistles and a massive array of technical advancements that bring a bunch of innovations to third person shooters to stay true to Max’s roots. Max Payne games were always at the cutting edge of shooters, and it was important for us that Max Payne 3 should be as well. Plus the advent of Max Payne multiplayer as mentioned above.

As for being able to tackle a given level or gunplay scenario in different ways, that’s definitely part of the moment-to-moment edge-of-your-seat gunplay of Max Payne 3, as you strategize about how to approach each given set of enemies with all the tools at your disposal: whether you launch into the room in real time guns blazing with heavy firepower before setting up a shoot-dodge to stylishly finish off a set of enemies, or whether you use traditional Bullet Time to pick off headshots with a single-handed weapon before getting up close for a brutal melee kill finish. Between the choice of which weapon to use via your Weapon Wheel (Max’s menu system for weapon selection) at any given moment, strategy of using cover, managing your health with pain killers, mastery of the techniques of Bullet Time and Shootdodge, dives, rolls, 360-degree prone shooting, and much much more, it will take both brain and brawn to navigate through Max’s epic bullet-strewn story.

Beyond that, the game’s AI innovations will provide amazing and unpredictable replayability and we’ve got some other special modes in store to be announced very soon…




“May Payne… In daylight? …in Brazil? Seems an odd setting for the character is all.” – Thomas Roth


One simple reason for daylight in Max Payne 3 is that the game takes place over the course of several weeks, rather than just one night like the original games, so a little daylight makes sense within the context of the dark story being told. And trust that the streets of São Paulo will be plenty dark and dangerous – we’re being very faithful to the heritage of Max Payne, who is still the same gritty hard-boiled NYC cop now off the force, at his lowest point and plunged into peril in a foreign land.

To us, and especially after such a long absence since Max Payne 2, to simply continue Max’s story in New York City would have been nowhere near as interesting as taking that same character and pushing him to his absolute breaking point in a very dangerous and exotic locale, many miles from home. There was simply nowhere for Max to go in New York after Max Payne 2.


Also keep in mind that from the start, the Max Payne series has always had many international points of inspiration – from the over-the-top style of Hong Kong action cinema, to Hollywood’s classic tradition of noir storytelling, to even Norse mythology as imparted by the first two games’ developers at Remedy in Finland (a tradition you might see continued with some fun bits of Brazilian folklore making an appearance in Max Payne 3).



“Is there any chance on a remake of the original games? They were great games and to see them remade in a new light with better graphics and physics would bring a whole new following to the game. (I’m a huge fan btw)” – Gabriel Morse


Thanks Gabriel – for now you can expect to see the release of the original Max Payne for mobile devices coming very soon. Make sure you Like Rockstar here on Facebook to get the official announcement of when it will be released and for which devices.



“Why did you push back the game so many times?” – Raymond Edward Cadena


We know it’s always disappointing when game delays happen and you have to wait another couple months until release, but we hope you know our goal is always to deliver the best games we possibly can. Trust that the delay is all to ensure Max Payne 3 is as epic and highly-polished as possible. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, but when you are trying to make games full of new technology and design elements, sometimes dates have to move to make the game all it can be. We believe it will be well worth the wait.



“What made you guys want to do a Max Payne 3?” – Brendan Friel


We hadn’t worked on a linear shooter for a while, and thought it was a genre where we could make something that was really fresh and highly cinematic. We worked closely with Remedy on the first ones, loved the series from the start and always planned on doing a third game after the second one released. It was just a matter of finding the right time. We were always really excited about a third game and couldn’t wait to get started on the next chapter of Max’s story.



“If possible, is there going to be anything in the storyline that will relate to any of the previous games?” – James Turner


Without giving too much away, there are clear links between the original games and Max Payne 3 in the way that the story unfolds over time. Players will spend some time in New York, as Max reflects on the experiences that led him to the events at the heart of Max Payne 3. The game is about Max coming to terms with what he’s going through in São Paulo and the events that took him there, and memories from NYC are spread throughout Max Payne 3 as they’re triggered by events in Brazil. That being said, anyone who has not played those games will not need to in order to fully enjoy and understand the story.




“When will this be out?!?!?!?!?” – Cameron Hensch

“When is it coming out” – Daryl Cookie Cook

“If I reserve do I get anything ????” – Alfredo Woodward

Max Payne 3 will be hitting shelves for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 on May 15, 2012 in North America and May 18, 2012 in Europe, with the PC version launching on May 29th, 2012 in North America and June 1st, 2012 in Europe.

And yes – everyone who pre-orders with GameStop will exclusively get early access to the Cemetery multiplayer map – you can find more details on that here:


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