Mass Effect 3 CE tops WalMart pre-order chart

Mass Effect 3

March 6th cannot come soon enough, as it looks like Mass Effect 3 will be the big release of the month after Square Enix’s hopeful redemption with Final Fantasy XIII-2 in January and the launch of Sony’s answer to mobile gaming, The PS Vita, in February.


The Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 is currently on top of the pre-order chart at WalMart, followed by the regular edition with a $10 eGift Card, with the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition coming in at #3. The Collector’s Edition features a hardcover art book, a limited edition copy of Mass Effect: Invasion, an N7 fabric patch and a lithographic print of the Normandy plus avatars and downloadable content. In fact, the Collector’s Edition is so in demand that both Amazon and WalMart won’t allow more than one pre-order per household.

Despite Mass Effect 3 being such a hit at WalMart, it’s probably better to pre-order at Amazon
– the regular edition also comes with $10 credit and both editions will have the M55 Aurgus Assault Rifle in-game.

Mass Effect 3 cover

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