Max Payne 3 Arcade modes detailed

Max Payne 3

The original Max Payne titles brought a fan favorite feature – arcade modes. Max Payne 3 will keep those so here are some details on how they work this time around

Score Attack is a mode where every connected shot gives the player points and the objective is to get as many points as possible. After beating any level in the single player campaign, the player will be able to revisit that level in Score Attack Mode.

New York Minute, a fan favorite arcade mode from the original Max Payne games, makes a comeback in Max Payne 3. For newcomers to the series, this is basically a mode where the player battles against the clock with every kill giving additional time.

In the originals the only goal was beating your own score, but Max Payne 3 has a lot more potential given the times. Setting high scores in both of these arcade modes racks you up a boatload of XP and unlocks mutliplayer avatars including the Brazilian girl on the cover and various gang leaders.Bragging rights are still there, except you get to brag to everyone on the Rockstar Games Social Club

It’s pretty clear that the cinematic gameplay and immersive storytelling will be the main selling point of this game almost the same way it has been with LA Noire, after all Rockstar have carved out a nice little niche for themselves with the immersion that their games have focused on since Grand Theft Auto 4. Still, it looks like there will be some fun things to do after the story mode is finished. Between these arcade modes and the awesome-looking Gang Wars and Payne Killer multiplayer modes, it looks like the game will be exciting long after the credits roll.The game is coming out May 15th on the PlayStation 3, X-box 360 and PC. Like Rockstar’s previous summer releases, this game looks like it will be nothing short of a blockbuster and rightfully so.

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