Max Payne 3 – Create a crew before release and become a Founder Crew

Max Payne 3 – Rockstar encourages people to crew up

Max Payne 3

There’s less than a week to go until Max Payne 3 hits the shelves for the PlayStation 3, X-box 360 and PC. Its combination of cinematic gameplay that Rockstar has become known for and innovative multiplayer modes are sure to make it a hit and a solid Game of the Year contender.

After the recent reboot of the Rockstar Games Social Club, now is the time to create or join a crew for Max Payne 3‘s multiplayer. Just go to your Social Club profile and hit CREW UP. You’ll see a list of all the crews looking for members and have the ability to create your own.  Every Social Club Member can belong to up to 5 crews at a time.

Leaders can show the other crews who they’re dealing with by specifying a type of crew. Crew types include the All-Stars who want to dominate the leaderbords, Soldiers who emphasize teamwork and the tcrew’s success, Rebels who just want to kick the most ass and Chatter Boxes, which should be self-explanatory. Players are only linked through the Social Club, so you can represent your Max Payne 3 multiplayer crew on any console, whether it’s the PlayStation 3, the X-box 360 or PC.

Max Payne 3 multiplayer emblem
Examples of emblems that can represent crews

Every crew can also be assigned an emblem, created with Rockstar’s provided toolkit, which is easy to use and comes with manuals.  Any crew member can upload and propose an emblem with the crew leader having the final decision of what kind of banner the crew rolsl under.

Crews that are created before the game’s May 15th launch will get the Founder Crew distinction. It add two stripes to the crew tag and lets everyone know you mean business. There are also other perks and benefits for Founder Crews planned down the line.

Rockstar Games has put out the biggest release of the summer for the last two years and there is no reason why this year would would be an exception, so there will be no shortage of crew or members to pick form.

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