Max Payne 3 US vs EU cover comparison – EU version wins

Max Payne 3

The PAL regions have been shafted by the gaming industry on more than a few occasions, but if there’s one thing the EU has to make up for that, it’s the cover art. Let’s take a look at both versions of the Max Payne 3 cover side by side – the US version is to the left, while the EU version is to the right.

NTSC (US) Version PAL (EU) Version

The NTSC one has certainly has the orgasming Brazillian girl, but other than that it just looks like a bland movie poster. Having Max Payne with a gun and a drink in his hand is much more to the point because it makes Max look like the dark hero that he is. Not only does the drink make Max look like a gritty realistic protagonist with vices, it also pushes the message that he has fallen on tough times. In fact, the thug with the hostage may not even be necessary. Sure, it does convey a sense of plot (even though slightly cliche), but Max himself taking up the whole cover would have been even better because the thug and the hostage wouldn’t be taking attention away from the wonderfully art-directed visual of Max, which more than deserves to take up the whole cover. Still, even like this, it’s obvious that a lot more thought went into the PAL cover. May 15th and May 18th are the respective US and EU release dates for Max Payne 3