Max Payne 3’s multiplayer to allow “bullet time chaining”

Max Payne 3 bullet time multiplayer

One of the big questions on everyone’s mind has been how Rockstar is going to adapt Max Payne’s signature bullet time mechanic to Max Payne 3.  We know that it’s based on line of sight, with players making eye contact with each other moving in slow-motion. But surely you can’t have people moving in real time while watching someone else glide around like a ghost. Rockstar’s solution to this is a chain reaction that slows down everyone looking at anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by bullet time. This could and most likely will result in chains of players being slowed down by a single bullet time discharge. This makes griefing sound easy, but all you have to do to get out of bullet time mode is just look away. Still, these kind of bullet time chains should bring a fun element to the multiplayer modes of Max Payne 3
If this sounds a little hard visualize, check out the diagram below

Max payne 3 bullet time multiplayer