Ninja Gaiden veteran beats Ninja Gaiden 3, not impressed

Ninja Gaiden 3

With the controversial Ninja Gaiden 3 coming up right around the corner, a veteran Ninja Gaiden player who goes by the name Sneh, has already beaten the game. In his comments he seemed anything but satisfied. he criticized Ninja Gaiden 3 for being a better action game at the expense of everything that made it Ninja Gaiden.

Before dismissing the game, however, it’s important to remember that veterans like Sneh always tend to be opposed to any kind of changes to their favorite franchise. Here is what the Ninja Gaiden veteran had to say about Ninja Gaiden 3

Well the bad news is I really miss the stuff that was removed. You really don’t get to do many UT’s with the new system. Your Ninpo and UT status is also reset for each encounter. Sure it’s now a better “Action Game” , more cinematic and streamlined , but that comes at the cost of a lot of the stuff I liked about a “Ninja Gaiden” game. Sadly the “Boss Fights” are pretty underwhelming too. You will even be begging for Ninja Gaiden 2 Bosses (and the bosses don’t even have health bars).

This game feels so far removed from Ninja Gaiden games it’s unbelievable. If I sat here and listed all my complaints and nitpicks I’d be here too long. There will be enough people doing that next week. I tell ya , say what you want about Itagaki , but this @$% wouldn’t of been made on his watch.

Rather than bash it apart I’ll just do some spoiler info for those that want it & I’ll answer specific questions people might have. The best I can say about it is it’s a decent action game…..but a terrible “Ninja Gaiden” game.

Btw, there is an On Rails bow shooting segment ….felt soooooooo out of place in a Ninja Gaiden game. Made me sad.


You don’t fight Genshin , he is in the game briefly but you don’t fight him.

The Fiends we know and love we have seen are not in Story Mode , they are in Coop Missions.

The BSNs are only in 1 level , & now they never shut up.

The Bosses are pretty terrible. The final Boss is basically a reskinned Giant Buddha Statue.

The only Boss that was fun to fight was the thing the guy in the wheel chair turns into on the air craft carrier