PS Vita’s Top 5 sellers at Wal-Mart

PS Vita games

After today’s release of PS Vita’s First Edition Bundle, the choice of games is still a little bit limited, but it looks like things will pick up after the February 22 launch and the first week of March. Here are the top 5 most bought/pre-ordered titles for the PS Vita at Wal-Mart.


5. Unit 13 (Available March 6)
One of the first true action shooters on the PS Vita will utilize both the touchscreen and the rear touchpad. We’ve seen touchscreen-operated shooters on smartphones before, but it will be interesting to see how well both the front and the rear touch inputs contribute to the controls.
4. Rayman Origins (Out Now)
A throwback to the 2D platformers of our childhood, Rayman Origins offers over 60 levels of old-school fun with 3 different characters to play through them as. Rayman, Globox and Teensies all have unique abilities which add variety to the gameplay.
3. MLB 12 The Show (Available March 6)
One of the first sports games on the PS Vita also happens to be one of the highest rated sports franchises in the last 4 years. MLB 12 The Show builds on what was introduced in the previous installments of the franchise with tilt controls, as well as the front and rear touch panels
2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (Available February 22)
One of the hardest franchises known to gamers is making its way to the PlayStation Vita, re-worked with touch controls.Players can aim the bow by tilting the handheld, strengthen their Ninpo with the rear touch panel and much more. The Hero mode makes the game much easier to pick up for beginners.
1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Available February 22)
Unsurprisingly, Sony’s flagship exclusive comes in at #1 with the option to either use Vita’s innovative touch and tilt controls or stick to the basics with the traditional thumbstick inputs. Cinematic storytelling, the trademark of the franchise with Nolan North’s spot-on voice acting is as strong as it ever was.