PS3 Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightPad – Sagat


PS3 Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightPad - Sagat

PS3 Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightPad - Sagat Rating:
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Product Description

Armed with the PS3 ‘Street Fighter IV’ FightPad from Mad Catz, your foes will tremble in terror as you mercilessly drain their health bar with a flurry of effortlessly executed fireballs and fierce combos. Style and comfort reign supreme with an ergonomic 6-button layout featuring an enlarged circular 8-way floating D-Pad, multi-speed Turbo functionality and officially licensed artwork portraying your favorite characters. The FightPad truly puts the arcade right in your hand, making it the perfect weapon to bring your fighting skills and level of gaming enjoyment to new heights. Shoryuken!


  • Enlarged circular 8-way floating D-Pad
  • 6-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality
  • Rubber grips for improved handling
  • Licensed artwork featuring your favorite Street Fighte characters
  • 3-way switch enables D-Pad to also function as left or right analog stick

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