Resident Evil 6 debut trailer and analysis

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Like with the release of any other Resident Evil game, anticipation has already kicked in for Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6 debut trailer

Resident Evil 6 debut trailer analysis

It appears that the upcoming Resident Evil title will be set in 2013, when the President of the United States decides to tell the public the truth about what happened in the doomed virus experiments. The venue then gets attacked, the President turns into a zombie and our guy Leon gets to shoot him the head.

Meanwhile, in a fictional Chinese town of Lanshiang, Chris Redfield is recovering from a personal trauma he suffered a few months prior to the game’s events. Unfortunately, it’s cut short as the town is under attack from bioterrorists as well.

Another character is Helena Harper, a former secret agent in the middle of transferring to the Secret Service, the United States’ President’s bodyguards. Obviously, that doesn’t look like the best career choice for her right now. In fact, her fate closely resembles that of Leon when he first debuted in Resident Evil 2 back in the day. According to her, she’s responsible for the incident. She doesn’t say which, but all we know is she screwed up bad.

The next character, who doesn’t even have a name yet, looks like a mercenary. All we know about him is that he was told he would save the world one day and he has not problem with that as long as the bank is good.

According to the developers, Resident Evil 6 will balance elements of action and survival horror in a way that would appeal to newcomers to the franchise and seasoned veterans as well. Controls will now be even more FPS-like than they were in Resident Evil 5. Players will be able to move while shooting, roll sideways, take cover and use enhanced meele attacks.

With an improved combat system come improved enemies. Get ready to go up against J’avo (Czech for “Demon”) – zombies which are far more intelligent than their mindless counterparts. They are capable of human speech, work in groups and have the ability to regenerate. In fact, when they are dcapitated, they can regenerate their missing limbs into weapons, so players have to make plans accordingly.

Overall, it looks like Resident Evil 6 is off to a great start and another reason to hope that the end of the world doesn’t happen this year.

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