Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition Guide 34% off

The release date for Resident Evil 6 is fast approaching and the Limited Edition Guide by BradyGames is 34% off.

Other than the useful maps and combat strategies, the Limited Edition guide itself is a collectible that any diehard fan of Resident Evil should own, featuring a premium hardcover with holographic foil, as well as patches for all 3 organizations involved in the conflict – the United Nations’ BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), the US Government’s  DSO (Division of Security Operations) and the Edonian Liberation Army. Get it at 34% off here

Guide Description
 This official strategy guide gives the player everything they need to fully explore the terrifying and action-packed world of Resident Evil 6. Detailed maps are designed for ease of use and show the locations of key items, helpful restorative items, key locations for cover, and more! The walkthrough chapters give specific advice for enemy encounters and important events throughout the main story of the game. Official artwork enhances the character and enemy chapters of the guide that provides stats and biographical information. The guide also features detailed information on the Achievements and Trophies scattered throughout the game and explains the best ways to accomplish these goals

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