Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – USS Wolfpack character abilities detailed.

With the multiplayer-driven nature of Resident Evil ORC, it’s only natural that the characters the players can pick have varying sets of skills to make them more suited for any given task.

New information from the game’s wiki reveals the following abilities for the USS Wolfpack, the elite unit of Umbrella Security Forces in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Vector – Stealth/espionage expert
Stealth Run – a burst of speed with minimal noise
Motion Detector – Attaches to surfaces reveals all enemies within a certain radius with a chance to stun
Mimicry – transforms into another soldier to confuse enemies
Active Camouflage – ability to cloak and take out targets without detection


Hector Hives a.k.a Beltway – Demolitions expert
Blast Master – allows for quicker planting of explosives
Blast Armor – reduced damage from explosives and no knockdowns
Frag Mines – high-damage explosives that can be activated via remote control
Sticky bomb – timed thrown explosive that attaches to surfaces
Laser Trip Mines – Mines that go off whenever someone walks into the blast area

Hector Hives a.k.a Beltway

Karen LesProux a.k.a Lupo – Team Leader
Body Armor – reduced damage from bullets
Quick reload – increased reload speed
Incendiary rounds – bullets that set the target on fire
Guns and Blazing – temporary unlimited ammo
Super Soldier – increased damage and accuracy, incoming damage nullified

Karen LesProux a.k.a Lupo

Vladimir Bodrovski a.k.a Spectre – Marksman
Proximity Detection – larger minimap that reveals enemies
Item Detection – allows Spectre to see all items in an area and have them shown on the minimap
Biothermal Vision – reveals enemies and their health
Threat Scanner – allows Spectre to reveal enemy locations and share the data with his teammates
Sonar Vision – Can see allies and enemies through solid surfaces

Vladimir Bodrovski a.k.a Spectre

Michaela Heinzwaffen a.k.a Bertha – Medic
Field Medic – restores huge amount of health with healing items
First Aid Proficiency – allows to carry more First Aid Sprays
Stimpack – can raise any soldier’s accuracy, movement, reload speed and reduced recoil for a time
Neutralize Infection – used to cure infected teammates at the price of health
Painkillier – reduces the amount of damage she or her ally receives

Michaela Heinzwaffen a.k.a Bertha

Christina Yamata a.k.a Four Eyes – Field Scientist
Biometric vision – easily spot weak points on infected characters
Anti-Viral proficiency – more capacity for carrying anti-viral spray
Induced Infection – can infect soldier characters and turn zombies into crimsonheads
Attraction Pheromone – attracts T-Virus infected enemies
Program Infected – allows Four Eyes to take control of an infected army for a short time

Christina Yamata a.k.a Four Eyes

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