Soul Calibur V: Mitsurugi vs Siegfried Demo

Soul Calibur VThe game will be released on January 31, 2012.    

Soul Calibur V:  Mitsurugi Character

Mitsurugi, whose full name is Heishirō Mitsurugi is one of the characters from the Soul Calibur, the famous game of Namco.  He made ​​his first appearance in Soul Blade and has since appeared in all chapters of the series, including the recent Soul Calibur IV. He is a  samurai who travels the world in search of increasingly strong opponents, a master in the use of the Katana.  Mitsurugi character creation was inspired by the famous Miyamoto Musashi, the samurai who really existed.

Mitsurugi is a man of about 29 years of age, tall and strong. He has a menacing look on his face. His hair is very long and black, sometimes gathered into a long tail. Usually you can select him in different versions:  with the kimono and entire torso or as the reinforcement of traditional samurai.

Check out the demo of  Soul Calibur V as it was seen at EVO 2011. This match features Mitsurugi vs Siegfried.

Soul Calibur V: Siegfried Character

Siegfried Schtauffen is the protagonist of the saga Soul Calibur  and one of the few that is present in all games.  Siegfried makes his first appearance in Soul Edge then in Soul Calibur,  Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV.  He is also present in Soul Calibur II , but only as an alternate character for his alter-ego, Nightmare and Soul Calibur Legends.

Siegfried appears as a knight of the classic fairy tales, a prince with blond hair and blue eyes in shining armor. In Soul Blade he appeared with short hair,  while in later chapters wears them long and straight.  From Soul Calibur III onwards shows a cut over his left eye.

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