Square Enix denies the existence of Final Fantasy XIII-3, domain name just a precaution

Final Fantasy XIII-3 game

No Final Fantasy XIII-3 in the near future

The very much controversial Final Fantasy XIII, the thirteenth chapter of the saga of the same name developed and published by Square Enix that has had millions of fans since 1987, saw the light of day in 2010. Some of the choice by the developers resulted in mixed reviews, but the game still sold 1.7 million copies in Japanese pre-orders alone and many more worldwide since its North American/PAL and international release on March 9th and December 16th 2010 respectively.

Several months ago, it has been confirmed by Square-Enix that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently in development, marking the second sequel to a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy X-2. Since then, it released in Japan on December 15th and is scheduled to come to North America at the end of January 2012. This new chapter picks up several years after the original story, introducing new characters, new environments and of course a new evil to save the world from.

During the recent couple of months, rumors of Square Enix registering a domain name for a third chapter began to spring up. This would obviously suggest that we will see the third chapter to this story sometime in the very near future.

Akio Ofuji, Square-Enix’s public relations manager, has confirmed that the Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain name has in fact been registered. Despite that, Ofuji also stated that not only is the game not being worked on at this time, it’s not even clear whether we will see it at all. According to Ofuji, Square-Enix registered the domain name as a precaution.

The domain http://www.finalfantasyxiii-3.com was bought by the US division of Square-Enix in response to the rumors of the title being in development. It was simply a means of preventing any new rumors from surfacing. Still, if Square-Enix took the time to this, one can only hope that the third chapter of Final Fantasy XIII will see the light of day at some point.

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