Sweden introduces LAN party tax – up to $5000

From now on, Swedish LAN party organizers will have to pay to host their events. They will need to apply for a 2-year permit to connect multiple computers together for the purposes of LAN gaming, which could cost up to $5000. In addition, an inspection fee will be charged if the Board decides the event needs their supervision.

Last year, the Swedish government revised its poilicy of regulating slot machines. The country’s Gambling Board ruled that the same regulations apply to video games. According to Johan Rohr, a member of the Board,  there is no difference between slot machines and gaming computers in the eyes of the law. The only exceptions apply to internet cafes, where gaming is not the sole purpose of a LAN, as well as events not open to the public.

Erik de Baso of gaming event organizer Inferno Online voiced his frustration at the new ruling, saying ”They equate our business with playing slots at the local pub. Of course you get pissed.”