Top 10 celebrities of the Gaming culture

10.Jack Thompson

He trolled us all back in the day by calling our favorite pastime “murder simulators” , trying to accuse Grand Theft Auto of contributing to violence among youth.



He quickly made himself an enemy and a laughing stock to the whole gaming community. When he got disbarred, we were happy because he had it coming, but at the same time sad becuase we all wanted to see what he would try next.

9. Adam Sessler

There is a reason why X-Play is the most successful show on G4 and it’s definately not Morgan Webb. Adam Sessler is one of the most entertaining show hosts on TV, often at the costof his own dignity, like crossdressing and bringing up faults with his character on screen. This is the kind of sacrifice that keeps X-Play the only relevant video game show on TV, exceptfor when he makes an appearance on Attack of The Show.

8.Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

Who’d ever thought that a show as great as Zero Punctuation came from that cesspool known as Youtube? It increased The Escapist’s traffic by 400% and is arguably the site’s flagship show. Apart from that, Yahtzee has an uncanny ability to make you stop wanting a game you can’t afford because he’ll no doubt make it seem mediocre and soulless.

7. John Romero

What good is a celebrity that we can’t point fingers at? During his days at Id Software he was involved in the creation of milestones such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. Then along came Ion Storm followed by Daikatana and virtually all of Romero’s credibility with gamers disappears. Not even his self promotion campaign coud save that horrible horrible game.

6. Samus Aran

Let’s face it, stereotypes that gamers have bad luck with women do come from somewhere. Otherwise Samus Aran wouldn’t be Nintendo’s sex symbol, which is that much more impressive becuase Nintendo with its family friendly image and sex don’t really get along too well.

5. Tim Schafer

Everyone loves Tim Schafer. He brightened up our childhoods with his impeccable storytelling and comedic genious with games like Full Throttle, Moneky Island, Sam and Max and ofcourse the hugely underrated Grim Fandango until Lord Lucas decided it’s much more profitable to keep milking Star Wars. Despite that, Schafer came back with Psychonauts, earning awards for his writing and screenplay. Brutal Legend wasn’t so stellar, but its charactersand storyline were such a saving grace that Wired’s Chris Kohler said that Schafer should be considered one of the best storytellers in gaming.

4. Hideo Kojima

There’s no doubt that Metal Gear Solid has been a great weapon in flame wars against those unwashed Xbox fanboys, at least until Rising comes out. Metal Gear Solid isn’t just a stealth game,it also has one of the most complicated and elaborate storylines of all time. But what really makes Kojima-san brilliant is his ability to ride controversy, such as all the product placement in MGS4, which neither Kojima Productions or Konami received any payments for.


Mario is to video games what Mickey Mouse is to evil capitalism. Ever since the 80s he’s been a mascot not only for Nintendo, but for the video game industry as a whole, not to mention a huge part of our childhood. He’s had some rough competition with Sonic back in the day, but came out on top after his rival crashed into the wall that was the transition to 3D

2.Master Chief

John 117 isn’t just the embodiment of this generation’s FPSes, but thanks to Halo being one of the most mainstream franchises today, he’s also the embodiment of gaming in the eyes of the general public. He also represents how FPSes have changed with the evolution of online play – much less attention is paid to the often very short single player mode, instead most FPSes of today require multiplayer to carry them.

1.Shigeru Miyamoto

There are very few gamers who don’t know Shiggy is. He has kept Nintendo going on a handful of franchises that have been around since the 1980s, namely Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Nintendo fanboys worship him like a god, 30% of developers (according to a survey by Develop) chose himas their “Ultimate Development Hero”. He’s been on top of many Top 10 developers lists and has been honored with plenty of awards, even from non-gaming related entities.

Honorable mentions

James Rolfe

The Angry Video Game Nerd was a great a show with a cult following for the first couple of seasons. After that it started looking more like Rationally Negative Video Game Nerd, which is why The Nerd isn’t on this list.

Kevin Butler

The star of Sony’s brilliant “It only does everything” advertising campaign and the current face of Playstation. Whether or not we’ll remember him after the campaign is done remains to be seen


With the release of Final Fantasy 7, 1997 was a golden age for Playstation and Sephiroth was everyone’s favorite villain. Even today, go to a Final Fantasy forum or just any gaming forum and see how many usernames that are a variation of Sephiroth you’ll come across. Despite that, his fame today is nothing compared to when Final Fantasy 7 first came out.