Top 10 Fictional Firearms in Video games

10. M90 Magnum

Ammo: .44 Magnum/ DUAG (Depleted Uranium Anti-Gen)
Manufacturer: HardCorps
Game(s): SiN (PC), SiN Episodes(PC)

Big, sturdy and no frills. Projects more masculinity than a Harley and a Hummer chugging beer. And it can shoot depleted uranium shells than make an RPG look like a firecracker. Who needs subtlety when you can mesmerize anyone who gets in your way with the sheer masculinity that having this in your hand gives you?

9. Lancer Assault Rifle

Ammo: Unknown
Manufacturer: Coalition of Ordered Governments
Game(s): Gears of War (PC, X360), Gears of War 2 (X360)

If Epic Games taught us one thing, it’s that it’s time to put our bayonettes away, replace them with a chainsaw and go crazy. This is probably the only weapon that makes you WANT to run out of ammo. Nothing shows the Locusts who’s the boss like a nice decapitation.

8. Perdition Flamethrower

Ammo: Combusto-plasma
Manufacturer: Terran Dominion
Games: Starcraft (PC, Mac, N64) , Starcraft 2 (PC, Mac)

One of the most iconic moments of the Starcraft franchise is a squad of Terran Marines making a last stand againsta Zerg rush, but things sure change in a hurry when you have a bunker full of pyromaniac ex-cons also known as Firebats with not one, but two flamethrowers a piece. The combusto-plasma fueled flame gets through gaps in Zerg armor and cooks the smaller ones in their own skin.

7. M6D Personal Defense Weapon System

Ammo: 12.7x40mm M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosivw
Manufacturer: Misriah Armory
Games: Halo: Combat Evolved

This piece of hardware is notorious for making Elites soil their armor, because after a charged plasma pistol shot, their shields mean nothing, and all it takes is a highly explosive round to the head to finish the job. Even without being used in conjuction with The Covenant’s plasma pistol, it could rip through shields on its own quite decently.

6. Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher

Ammo: Crystalline spikes
Manufacturer: The Covenant
Games: Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3

What cooler way to put someone out of their misery than launch a barrage of spikes that only stab into them, but also explode after a few seconds? And not just any explosive spikes, we’re talking spikes that track their target. Imagine a barrage of upto 60 (depending on the game) of these coming at you. Most would probably be too mesmerized to take cover as they turn you into a bloody mess.

5.Railway Rifle

Ammo: Railway spikes
Manufacturer: Homemade
Games: Fallout 3

It’s hard not to include a homemade gun in this list. The Railway Rifle from Fallout 3 has the advantage of being made from a crutch (stock and grip), a pressure cooker (firing chamber), a fission battery (firing pin) and a steam gauge assembly (grip, ammo storage and barrel). It fires railway spikes and has a limb damage multiplier, which means it’s designed to maim rather than kill. And it’s hard not to appreciate a weapon that can tear off a limb and pin it to a wall.

4. Fortune’s railgun

Ammo: Unknown
Manufacturer: ArmsTech and Livermore National Labs
Games: Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2), Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)

The portable version of a weapon that has only been put on Metal Gears before the Big Shell incident. It uses magnets to propell rounds at extremely high velocities, giving it enough stopping power to stop Michael Moore at an all you can eat buffet. It does have a rather long reload cycle, making it best used as a sniper rifle, but a sniper rifle that can blow up a tank is still pretty useful.

3. PPK12 Gauss Pistol

Ammo: 2mm EC
Manufacturer: Unknown
Games: Fallout 2 (PC), Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (PC)

It uses magnets to fire 2mm spikes at extreme velocities. That’s right, it’s a handheld railgun.Combine the range and stopping power of a railgun with the portability and refire rate of a pistol, and youhave the Pistol of a Thousand Truths. Rips through everything from gecko hide to Enclave power armor. With thisbaby and the right character build, the Descendant of The Vault Dweller could become godlike.

2.Patriot Assault Pistol

Ammo: 5.56x45mm
Manufacturer: Patriots
Games: Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2), Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), MGS: Peace Walker (PSP)

This is pretty much an M16A1 with a cut barrel, removed stock and a drum magazine. It was designed to combine the quick handling of a pistol with the brute force of an assault rifle. The end result is compact and light, but the reduced weight gives it increased recoil, which is a good thing because it makes the gun exclusive since it requires a skilled operator, which is why we only see it in the hands of 2 legendary soldiers – The Boss (The Joy) and Big Boss (Snake)

1.Experimental MIRV

Ammo: Mini-nukes
Manufacturer: Unknown
Games: Fallout 3

The most deadly weapon known to man made man-portable. On top of that, it shoots 8 mini-nukes simultaneously so you can wipe your unfortunate foes like a rabid deathclaw or an Enclave patrol off the face of the Earth with a miniature nuclear holocaust. Nothing else really needs to be said.