Top 5 Baddest Police Cars in Video Games

No matter what end of the law a video game puts us on, the police almost always have to look like a threat. The cars that enforcers of the law drive always give us the first impression about how well the law is upheld wherever the game in question is set. Let’s take a look at some of the baddest police cars in video games.

HardCorps Cruiser – SiN Episodes:  Emergence

top badass police cars in video games

Even though HardCorps from SiN Episodes (RIP) are not really Freeport City’s police, being a city-wide security force makes them a privatized equivalent. The HardCorps cruiser is a futuristic take on an old-school muscle car, ditching thetraditional law enforcement colors for an incospicuous grey so the bad guys never see them coming.

Peacemaker – Saints Row The Third

What’s not to like about Steelport PD’s Peacemaker? It closely resembles a Dodge Charger, one of the most badass cars
used by real world police forces and nothing says “Behave”  and adds a feeling of durability like a completely bar-covered rear section. Even though there are only a couple of things you can change on it, it is perhaps the only police car in video games that can be customized by the player.

Gotham PD Interceptor – DC Universe Online

if we didn’t know better, it would be very easy to think that Commissioner Gordon is a hardcore racing enthusiast from looking at this Gotham PD car in DC Universe Online. Sure, a 2-door interceptor is hard to transport suspects in, but maybe a nice handcuffed ride in the trunk is just the thing for setting a hoodlum straight, especially in a car that looks as fast and unsafe (lights instead of rear view mirrors?) as this one.

Police McLaren MP4-12C – Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Most police departments in the world just don’t have the budget to outfit their officers with cars that go for several hundred thousand dollars a piece. Still, nobody in their right mind would even think of running when one of these beauties turns on its sirens behind you, even though no potential reduction in collateral damage can pay for this car’s unreal performance.

Barricade – Transformers: The Game

Even though Barricade won’t be much of a law enforcer until the Decepticons take over the world, that doesn’t stop his police car form from looking pretty damn cool, taking on the iconic manly shape of a Ford Mustang GT 520, even though it’s really a Saleen S281E.  When you have cop cars that have “To Punish and Enslave” written on them and turn into murderous robots, the crime rate in your city has nowhere to go but down. With advancements in robotics and a law system where you are guilty until proven innocent, maybe we could see something like this in Japan at some point in the future?

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