Top 5 inter-universe battles to see in a video games

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is upon us. There’s a lot of epic match-ups to look forward to, but what kind of possibilities would there be if any universe in gaming could be pitted against any other?

5. Cole McGrath vs Alex Mercer

This has been a topic of discussion of many internet forums after both games released. Similar games, but very different superpowers. A smackdown between McGrath’s electrical powers and Mercer’s bionic abilities would definately be something a lot of people would pay to see.

4. Batman vs The Punisher

The Punisher is no doubt the closest thing Marvel has to Batman. They both have very dark personalities and don’t let the lack of supernatural powers hold them down. A battle between The Punisher’s raw firepower and Batman’s high-tech gadgets would be another round in the lifelong battle between brain and brawn. This throwdown already happened in comics, but being in a video game would take it to another level.

3. Iron Man vs Liquid Snake/Metal Gear RAY.

The ultimate tag team battle between the ingeniuity of weapons technology of 2 universes – Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit vs the latest model of the fearsome walking battle tank of the Metal Gear universe. Even though Raiden annihilated a whole squad Metal Gear RAY’s with a Stinger launcher in MGS2, things would’ve been different with a skilled pilot like Liquid Snake. Who better to fight an enemy like that than Tony Stark, who knows everything there is to know about high techn weapons development?

2. Landon Ricketts vs Revolver Ocelot

A Wild West duel that would make Clint Eastwood himself cry tears of joy. While Revolver Ocelot vs John Marston would be much bigger in terms of fanservice, Red Dead Redemption never tried to build Marston up as a legendary gunfighter. Ricketts, however, was a legend with skill to match Revolver Ocelot. They even look similar, so it would hardly be a surprise if Rockstar admitted that Ricketts was inspired by Shalashaska

1. Kratos vs Ryu Hayabusa

Ninjas vs Pirates has been an eternal struggle, but unfortunately there are no pirates that can do the things Hayabusa does. The next best thing would be Ninja vs Spartan, and the crappy Deadliest Warrior episode doesn’t count. The sheer drive and brutality of the Ghost of Sparta vs the skill and precision of Ryu Hayabusa would be a brawl to end all brawls, and all the over the top combos with the Blades of Athena and the Dragon Sword would make Advent Children look realistic.

Top 5 inter-universe battles we have yet to see in a video game