Top 5 Sci-Fi Games and Franchises of all time

5. Outcast (PC – 1999 – Appeal/Inforgrames)

Even if you remember 1999, chances are you still don’t remember this game. Despite being a tremendous commercial flop, Outcast won a lot of critics over with its soundtrack. Even though orchestra music was a novelty for video games back in the day, its immersion makes it one of the best video game soundtracks ever composed.

Outcast PC - 1999
Its AI was also very well ahead of its time, being the first adventure game where NPCs would go about their daily business as opposed to just standing around and waiting for them to talk to you. At last but not least, its graphics showed the awesome potential of the voxel engine.

4. Starcraft (PC – 1998-present – Blizzard Entertainment)
Starcraft PC
Even though the selling point of South Korea’s national sport is without a doubt multiplayer, there is a lot more to Starcraft than zergling rushing noobs into ragequitting. Not only does Starcraft have an awesome storyline that spawned multiple novels, but the original Starcraft was one of the first strategy games where every side had their own fighting style and no unit felt like an alternative of something the other side has.

3.Assassin’s Creed ( PC, PS3, X360, PSP, NDS – 2007-present – UbiSoft)

After the disappointment that was the original Assasin’s Creed, the franchise really picked up. Nothing beats the feeling of having a huge world to explore and having a fun way to do it, and it doesn’t get much more fun that this franchise’s intuitive parkour system. With how well the parkour works with the combat system to immerse you into the robes of an Assassin, this franchise is very hard not to love.

2.Fallout ( PC, X360, PS3 – 1997-1998, 2008-present, Interplay/Bethesda Softworks)


A franchise changing developers never takes place without controversy. Still, even though Fallout 3 didn’t enjoy the warmest reception among Fallout purists, Bethesda still does as awesome of a job putting us into a post-apocalyptic wasteland as Interplay did. Even though the combat system isn’t as RPG-like as it was in the originals, you have to give Bethesda credit for making New Vegas’ Wild West feel very different from the post apocalyptic capital feel of Fallout 3. Bottom line, both Interplay and Bethesda contributed their fair share to make Fallout one of the most popular RPG franchises around.

1.Mass Effect (PC, X360, PS3 – 2007-present – BioWare/Electronic Arts)


After nailing Star Wars with Knights of The Old Republic, BioWare have gone ahead and created a new intellectual property. The similarities with KOTOR are obvious, but the addition of minor FPS elements including a cover system really made the Mass Effect franchise truly stand out. With Electronic Arts’ deep pockets behind them, BioWare could have never made the presentation anything other than beautiful. BioWare’s RPG expertise and EA’s funding are certainly capable of great things.

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