Why Video Game Breasts Physics Can Go Wrong

Ideas For Game Developers

Regardless of whether a studio is going for realism or digital beauty, there are still video-game breasts that look good, and breasts that look ridiculous. Game developers can do some things to help swing more toward the former.

“Just run it by a few people, run the animations by people,” Alex said. Alex emphasized to me that this was particularly important if the studio doesn’t have many women.

It’s also worth considering what kinds of breasts the game has on display. Alex pointed out that there’s a difference between natural breasts and augmented breasts. A person’s specific body-type can influence how breasts move, as well. Some people are bigger than others, and this affects the way their breasts move.

Some people have breasts situated at different heights on their chests. Some people have perkier breasts than others. The list goes on. “Even the absolute best natural breasts have some sag,” Alex said. It’s important for developers to think about these things, if they’re interested in better breast physics.

Another thing that Alex suggested was for development studios to make use of porn, particularly older pin-up nude magazines. Really. It’s apparently great for reference material.

“[They give you] a really good opportunity to see, ‘where is the nipple placed? Where do the line on the chest? What is the curve underneath?’

“I don’t [think] breasts need to be realistic in games, unless that’s what [developers] are going for…but [developers] should be aware that if the breasts are moving in a weird way, then it just becomes the uncanny valley for women.”

With these things in mind, maybe games can get better at depicting breasts. And when that happens, maybe the game industry can move on to figuring out the mystery that is…dick physics.

“If I were animating a naked man walking, I really honestly have no idea how balls move,” Alex joked. “I don’t!”

Via kotaku.com