Why Video Game Breasts Physics Can Go Wrong

The Most Famous Breast Physics of Them All

When it comes to breast physics, the most notorious game of them all has to be Dead or Alive. While breast physics might just be a minor ‘feature’ in the games I mentioned above, for Dead or Alive, breast physics are woven into the identity of the game.

That emphasis might give the games a bad rap, as Mike Fahey argues in his piece about Dead or Alive, since fans find plenty to love in the way the game plays, some of which have nothing to do with breasts. Still, you can’t really divorce Dead or Alive from its breast physics.

“I wanted to do something that would attract people’s attention as I worked on the DOA game,” Itagaki said in a Game Informer interview from 2004. “Of course, DOA is known for its bouncing breasts…when I applied [breast physics] to a 3D game, it was almost too much for people.”

One of the big selling points for the latest game, according to the marketing at least, is the new engine—which will allow players to adjust the breast physics on their characters.

Soul Calibur

“We call the technology we used to advance skin and breast physics and make that a reality, the ‘Yawaraka Engine,'” Yosuke Hayashi, producer on Last Round, told Famitsu. “Once you see it on the new consoles, you won’t be able to go back.”

What they’re saying: thanks to the power of technology, the development team has realized more complex breast physics. The marriage of technological prowess and sexuality is a curious one…of course, anyone that watches footage of Dead or Alive knows that the series doesn’t care about realistic physics, not really. Instead, the game has always featured outlandish physics, both for the breasts and for the gravity-defying fighting moves. Whatever misgivings people have about the realism of the breasts, the intense physics seem like a deliberate choice meant to realize a particular aesthetic.

Can the same be said of other games? I’ve spent the past few months trying to talk to developers about breast physics. It’s been surprisingly difficult getting people to talk—I’ve had an easier time trying to poke people for details about high profile unreleased games than I have asking them about why games depict breasts the way they do. Despite speaking to a number of developers on the subject, only a few would speak to me on the record. Fortunately, I’ve managed to get a basic handle on how breast physics work.