Why Video Game Breasts Physics Can Go Wrong

There’s no doubt there that they very much want the breasts to look and function the way that they do. But just because it’s intentional doesn’t mean it’ll be received well. “Every other woman in the universe has sort of a cringe reaction, you know? ‘Boobs just wouldn’t move that way.

That’s not natural'” Alex said. Alex would know; at Alex’s studio, the models were all focus tested. The developers actually received feedback from women who saw the game. While it may not be typical for most studios to do this, in this case, research was conducted because there weren’t many women game developers on the team that could weigh in on the subject.

“Across the board, [the response from women] wasn’t a neutral response, it was a negative response,” Alex said. Curiously, the negative response occurred both when the physics were unrealistic, and when the physics were turned off. It seems as if there’s a very fine line to walk when it comes to breast physics: they can’t be too exaggerated or too toned down without having people feel as if something is wrong. You might think of it as “the uncanny valley of breasts.”