Why Video Game Breasts Physics Can Go Wrong

We Like It Like That

It was through focus testing, the usage of good reference materials, and honest conversations about anatomy that Alex’s studio was able to improve their breast physics. But, when I say “improved,” I don’t necessarily mean “made more realistic.”

“Many games are full of exaggerated [male] forms,” Alex said. “We don’t point at those and go, huh, that doesn’t look realistic at all. Of course it doesn’t! It looks superpowered, and we like that. The same thing would apply to breasts.”

Tim Dawson seems to agree. To him, developers tend to include unrealistic breasts, because exaggerated bodies have become a staple of the medium. “The developers might be playing fast and loose with their anatomy, like breasts that are too large or too unsupported for what the character does, or that are just in an unnatural shape,” Dawson said. “I once received a female enemy model that appeared to have balloons protruding out of her torso and couldn’t convince the art director that it needed fixing.

“But even when well-modelled, if a character with breasts the size of watermelons is wearing a metal string bikini and attacks enemies with cartwheels, it’s going to be hard to make the breast physics look realistic because the scenario is not realistic,” he said. “People like the movement of breasts, that’s a hard-wired thing in our heads,” Alex said. “So, for some people, exaggerating that is a net positive. I think [breast physics] are in games for that reason.”