Your Favorite Marvel Comics That Should Be Games

Planet Hulk

We’ve had at least one great Hulk game in the form of 2005’s Ultimate Destruction, but the Planet Hulk storyline is the one begging to be adapted into video game form. The plot follows Hulk after he is rocketed to a distant planet far from Earth and the dangers he causes there.

Unfortunately for our green hero, he ends up on a planet ruled by a powerful despotic emperor, and is soon thrown into a gladiatorial arena for some truly titanic fights. A game set during this story would be chock full of furious arena combat, and plenty of drama as Hulk rises through the ranks and eventually escapes to lead a slave rebellion.

This is as close as Marvel comics gets to the epic tale of Spartacus, and the potential for a deep and rewarding combat system is enough to make us hulk out.