10 Awesome Star Wars Projects That Got Cancelled.

star wars projects cancelled
Star Wars projects that could’ve been great, but were canned

star wars first assault
In the early 2010s, LucasArts decided to make a sequel to one of the best-selling Star Wars games of all time – Battlefront 2. The problem was they felt that the market wasn’t ready for Battlefront 3, so they decided to make a few other games to build up to it. The first was Star Wars: First Assault – a multiplayer shooter that with modernized elements from Battlefront 2 and some new ones that were never seen before, like respawns in a dropship en route to the battlefield rather than just static points on a map, allowing players on the ship to exchange fire with forces on the ground.

First Assault was to be released in 2013, followed by Wingman, a game that focused on vehicular and space combat, in 2014 before finally releasing Battlefront 3 in 2015, which would combine the best of both. After Disney bought LucasFilm in 2012, all these projects were cancelled and we instead got a the DLC nightmare that was the Battlefront reboot.