10 Cool Facts You Never Knew About X-Men Storm


We’ll be seeing Black Panther in the MCU for Captain America: Civil War, but did you know that he and Storm were married at one point? Back in 2006, around the time when Marvel was just kicking off their Civil War series, the comic distributor announced that the two longtime admirers were to be wed on the page. Most of the company’s heroes were there for the event, including Cap and Iron Man.

Ororo herself is an African princess, heir to an ancient royal line, rightful ruler of a Kenyan tribe. He met Black Panther when she first moved from Cairo to Africa, and years later, the two realized their love and married – making Storm the queen consort of Wakanda. Sadly, the two later divorced in a controversial decision that seemingly had more to do with the characters’ film rights than their storylines.

Unfortunately, there’s little to no chance that we’ll be seeing any of this play out on the big screen unless Marvel and Fox make nice with each other, which of course would be amazing.