10 Cool Facts You Never Knew About X-Men Storm


Although Storm is a very strong woman, physically and emotionally, she has one major weakness — her claustrophobia. When she was a child in Cairo, her parents died when a jet crashed into their home. The crash brought the house down on top of the young Ororo, killing her parents and burying Ororo alongside them under the rubble. Unable to escape, Ororo spent days waiting for rescue next to their corpses, a brutal trauma that would have completely broken a lesser person. The incident left her with a severe phobia of enclosed spaces, for obvious reasons.

This phobia has been an issue for her in the comics, even causing her to lose her powers when it’s triggered (because her powers and her emotions are linked). After a long time working to overcome this fear, she now has it (mostly) under control. Still, if we are going to see some of her past in Cairo in the upcoming films, her phobia may also come into play, presumably along with the help she received from Professor X to overcome it.

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