10 Marvel/DC Crossovers We’d Like To See

6. Black Widow & Harley Quinn

Black Widow is an orphan who was trained from an early age as a Soviet spy. She is highly trained in hand to hand combat and a variety of martial arts and fighting techniques. She is gifted in terms of intellect and has been enhanced by biotechnology which means she is resistant to age and heals at a superhuman rate.

As for Harley Quinn, she is insane. The Joker’s female sidekick began life as a psychiatrist but was driven insane by the sight of the Joker’s beaten body. She is skilled in hand to hand combat and the use of weapons, especially her mallet. Her insanity also adds a mania and a strength to her fighting.

It is easy to underestimate her when looking at Black Widow, but Harley Quinn could put up a strong fight.