10 Marvel/DC Crossovers We’d Like To See

4. Deadpool & Deathstroke

So it is little secret that Deadpool is a mocking rip-off of Deathstroke. They share almost the same name (Slade Wilson/Wade Wilson) however they have differing abilities. Put them together, it may well go off. Deathstroke began as a soldier who took part in a project which then gave him enhanced strength, intelligence and agility. Deathstroke also has regenerative abilities and enhanced senses.

Deadpool’s origins are somewhat vague, under the cover of a mental condition. However his abilities are not dissimilar to Deathstroke’s. He has physical prowess and exceptional regenerative abilities, but he also possesses a telepathic immunity and superhuman stamina and agility.

Unfortunately Deathstroke does not possess Deadpool’s ability to quip, which is by far his greatest asset.