10 Marvel/DC Crossovers We’d Like To See

2. Green Arrow & Hawkeye

Two of the best archers in the world, one a brooding millionaire and the other a circus trained orphan. Both have excellent archery skills and both are trained in martial arts. They also both have a variety of gadgets and trick arrows at their disposal. Both are physically fit and agile due to their training.

One slight advantage for Green Arrow is that he is a talented tactician, where as Hawkeye tends to be more of a brawler. Hawkeye is a talented weapons man and is able to fashion weapons out of almost anything, as opposed to Green Arrow who is a talented inventor but takes time over his weapon inventions.

Green Arrow is, however, an excellent hunter and stalker which may be Hawkeye’s downfall. These two are fairly evenly matched, and those make the best fights.