10 Things You Didn’t Know About DC’s Doomsday

9. He’s Superman’s Greatest Fear

The video game Injustice: Gods Among Us introduced fans to a brand new Earth where Superman has taken over as an all-powerful dictator after the Joker tricks him into killing his wife and unborn son. The plot of the game is riddled with holes and really subjects the player to just guess about major events that are referenced.

The game got spun off into a critically acclaimed comic series of the same name, answering many unanswered questions and filling in the blanks as necessary. One question that was specifically answered is how the clown prince of crime was able to pull off this stunt.

The answer was that by working with Scarecrow, the two were able to produce a fear toxin that made Superman see his beloved wife as the thing he feared the most. When he looked at his wife all he saw was Doomsday. He immediately flew into space and beat the fake Doomsday to death, not knowing the consequences that would follow.