10 Things You Didn’t Know About DC’s Doomsday

8. TV Shows Don’t Know His Origin Story

Many people know an origin story for Doomsday, but for whatever reason do not know the correct origin story. As an infant, aliens trying to force rapid evolution experimented on Doomy, killing him over and over again. But fans often believe that he was some botched Superman clone or a Kryptonian Super Soldier gone crazy.

Why? Because popular TV shows can’t agree on any origin. These false origins were presented in shows like Smallville and The Justice League, confusing fans. The writers may have chosen to recreate his origin story because his original is so disgustingly dark that it would not work on mainstream TV.

Now based on the trailer, it looks like Batman vs Superman may be keeping the tradition of messing with Doomsday’s origin alive, thus confusing more fans for years to come.