10 Things You Didn’t Know About DC’s Doomsday

5. Dr. Doomsday

Many casual fans know who both Dr. Doom and Doomsday are, and any hardcore fan can rattle off their back-stories by memory. Both are essential in their respective comic book lore, but did you know that the two once merged to create the powerful (and appropriately named) Dr. Doomsday?

Back in 1996 comic book fans were introduced to Earth-9602, aka the Amalgam Universe. In this universe different Marvel and DC characters all merged together creating new heroes. The Universe gave birth to characters like The Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine), Bizarnage (Bizzaro and Carnage), and Captain Marvel (Captain America and Captain Marvel…. Ok some of them weren’t all that creative). One interesting villain was Dr. Doomsday, a melding of Dr. Doom and Doomsday.

While working for Cadmus, Victor Von Doom accidentally inhales some of Doomsday’s bone fragments after it exploded making the scientist fuse with the ultimate killing machine. He went on to work for Thanoseid (Thanos and Darkseid) and even kills off some of the more important characters.