10 Things You Didn’t Know About DC’s Doomsday

2. Superman Transforms Into Doomsday

In the New 52 run, Superman and Doomsday once again fight. However this time Superman is victorious after he brutally rips Doomsday in half. After being defeated by his greatest foe, Doomsday’s body turns to an ash like substance, which contains a virus that turns anyone who comes into contact with it into a Doomsday-like creature.

Not knowing what a vacuum cleaner does, Superman inhales all of it to prevent anyone else from coming into contact. Predictably he starts transforming into what is now known as SuperDoom and starts to terrorize the universe for a while. Braniac eventually finds a cure, which SuperDoom steals, and all goes back to normal.

However the damage was already done. Many were killed, and Superman had lost the trust of the planet he called home.